Story Teller, Author and Public Speaker



Over the last 40 years, Lydia has worked in a variety of industries, but in her current career as a barrister and part time lecturer to law students, has been speaking about the law, families and history.  Having spent considerable time listening to other people’s stories and speaking on their behalf in court, she is now able to speak  about history, families and parallels as well as the difficulties in juggling a passion for writing and earning a living, while still caring for family.

Lydia’s most recent talks include:

  • Travelling to find your past
  • Negotiating Genealogical Research in a Second Language
  • Difficulties that families place in your way
  • How passionate are you about your writing?


Some of the topics which emerge out of Lydia’s new book are:

  • How much have we changed since 1938?
  • What lessons can be learned by a small country?
  • Managing families when you are not fluent in the language.
  • How I found my writer’s voice

Escape from Prague

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