Story Teller, Author and Public Speaker

Lydia Kinda

Lydia has been writing since early school days mostly poetry and articles.  She only started on her current novel writing as a spin off from a family history which raised many unanswerable questions and some skeletons.


A dilettante historian, her ferreting through various documents relating to her own family made her realise that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.  So rather than alienate any friends and relatives, she followed others in turning moving from her family history to a fiction where true history is interestingly woven in.

Escape from Prague


What event has changed your life, did your big brother drop you on your head at an early age?  Was your grandfather a closet drinker?  Escape from Prague explores one man’s life in pre-War Prague.  He has a growing business and is married to a beautiful girl.   Prague is a fun city to be part of, and exciting for a boy from the country getting involved in its politics.  Then, just as his country celebrates its 20th birthday, your former “mother country”, Austria, succumbs to fascism…

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